Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life, Rants, and Alejandro

Okay so I think my most interesting blog posts have been the ones filled with here are the first thoughts that come to my brain this evening. Enjoy.

  • Sometimes I feel new in a place I've been for awhile. Thank God for the select few that are friendly. (Vague, but perhaps you can relate?)
  • Taylor Swift has some serious issues yo. Like for real. She dated a Kennedy a few months ago. Now she's dating a kid from One Direction...seriously just be single for awhile, Taylor! Oh wait...that would put a damper on your career.
  • Friends in one place, strangers in the next. 
  • When friends stop being your friend because they no longer need you...ouch.
  • Wow, my blog is kinda depressing today. Lol.
  • Happy note: going to Orlando in 10 days with my best friend. Eeeep.
  • Another happy note: got asked to perform a solo set of songs I've written at a show in January. Exciting.
  • Being in praise band at church is such a blessing because I've always wanted to use music in a worship setting. God is working.
  • So yesterday I didn't get a chance to do my devos. So today I read yesterday's devotion, and it was just what  I needed TODAY. Love when God works like that.
  • My new favorite thing to do is drive and listen to music reallyyyyy loud. So fun. 
  • I can't decide what to name my car. A car's gotta have a name, ya know? I mean it goes everywhere with you. All I can think of is Alejandro and I have no idea why. But I gotta think of something else because who is gonna take me seriously driving a car named Alejandro?!?!
Well I'm gonna go drink some sparkling cider and watch King of Queens. Ciao!