Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life, Rants, and Alejandro

Okay so I think my most interesting blog posts have been the ones filled with here are the first thoughts that come to my brain this evening. Enjoy.

  • Sometimes I feel new in a place I've been for awhile. Thank God for the select few that are friendly. (Vague, but perhaps you can relate?)
  • Taylor Swift has some serious issues yo. Like for real. She dated a Kennedy a few months ago. Now she's dating a kid from One Direction...seriously just be single for awhile, Taylor! Oh wait...that would put a damper on your career.
  • Friends in one place, strangers in the next. 
  • When friends stop being your friend because they no longer need you...ouch.
  • Wow, my blog is kinda depressing today. Lol.
  • Happy note: going to Orlando in 10 days with my best friend. Eeeep.
  • Another happy note: got asked to perform a solo set of songs I've written at a show in January. Exciting.
  • Being in praise band at church is such a blessing because I've always wanted to use music in a worship setting. God is working.
  • So yesterday I didn't get a chance to do my devos. So today I read yesterday's devotion, and it was just what  I needed TODAY. Love when God works like that.
  • My new favorite thing to do is drive and listen to music reallyyyyy loud. So fun. 
  • I can't decide what to name my car. A car's gotta have a name, ya know? I mean it goes everywhere with you. All I can think of is Alejandro and I have no idea why. But I gotta think of something else because who is gonna take me seriously driving a car named Alejandro?!?!
Well I'm gonna go drink some sparkling cider and watch King of Queens. Ciao!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Read Me

It's 1a.m., thanksgiving was great, my family is irreplaceable, and God is so good.  Ba-bam.

I watched a movie with my fam tonight, one of those movies that makes you think, contemplate life and people, and may make you tear up from time to time because somehow it struck a nerve. It's called People Like Us. Go watch it. It's one of those movies that actually makes you feel productive while watching it because of how it stimulates your thoughts.  My dad even stayed awake during it. So you know it's good ;)

So I heard this epic song the other day called "Stars" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  The melody of the chorus is so incredibly beautiful. Although vocally challenging, I am going to do a cover of it and I'm so excited.  It's comin your way on Facebook sometime soon, party peeps!

Well I suppose I should sleep or something like that. Stay thankful :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Song I Couldn't Write

I did it. I didn't think I had it in me. The words, the melody, they just wouldn't come. Until they did. Randomly. Unexpectedly. Perfectly. The story unfolded in the notes, the message chimed through. I breathed an accomplished sigh as I finished the bridge to the song...the song I couldn't write. But the song that was so hard to write, was so easy to write.  It is a song that be sung.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh Yeah.

Well first of all...
I GOT MY LICENSE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I have major test anxiety, but God gave me peace and I passed the test with ease!  I did it, and MOST importantly- I did it when I felt ready.
Oh so many adventures to be had :D

Secondly, I'm not 100% sure what I want to do career-wise.  I'm considering a new and completely different route, and I'm finding it exciting.

Thirdly, I am in hot pursuit of brown combat boots.  For being so trendy, I can't find them anywhere.

It's 1 a.m. and I'm not feeling creative because all I can think about is how I can drive now, and get a car, and rock out to music at high volumes so I guess I should sleep or something.  Yay for run-on sentences.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Live Purposefully.

Set Goals.

Reach Them.

Go Outside.


Be There For People.

Forgive Others.

Forgive Yourself.


Count Your Blessings.

Have Adventures.

Sing.  Loud.

Smile.  Big.


Try.  Again.

So Much Ahead

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This and That and Chit Chat

Holaaa.  It's September.  Mmm I'm so ready for fall.  And not just because I'm getting kind of tired of sweating bullets outside at work.  But because I love the cool, crisp weather, drinking tea outside in the breeze, pumpkin bread, sweatshirts and leggings, Thanksgiving, and boots.
                Lately, I've really been basking in the beauty of Creation.  Like it's so amazing and detailed.  I really enjoy it.  I spend a lot of time outdoors now.  I like reading in my backyard.  Although, I find it harder to focus because I tend to look around a lot.  And then I get all tense when I see a wasp (Gotta be ready to make a mad dash for the sliding glass door if necessary). 
                I like jammin outside too.  I just bought a ukulele.  It's pretty awesome.  The new Avett Brother's album is pretty awesome too.  Really awesome actually.  You know when you here a song that you love and you're like "OHHHH YEAHHHH." Yeah, that's what it's like.  I'm so excited about it because they've been one of my favorites for years now.  They're music has been a great inspiration to my own. 
                So, on a deeper note,  chew on this.  Has there ever been something in your life that has held you down?  That has enslaved you, even when you were free to run at any given time?  Surrender.  Surrender your heart to God.  Give it Him.  He will set you free.  He will give you peace.  Jump up from the clasp of your oppressors and thrive where God wants you.  Run free.  Dance. Sing. Shout.  You're free.  Life can be hard.  But when you are following God, life CAN NOT defeat you.  So let go and enjoy freedom. :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Viva La Random

The night is young, yet the day is old.  I'm sitting here, drinking tea, listening to Bon Iver, trying to compose a blog post of some specific meaning.  But today I'm feeling random.  So let's be random. ;)

  • I can't think about what to write because the music I'm listening to is distracting me.
  • I just turned it off.
  • I'm not good at multitasking. 
  • I like coffee. A lot.  This is new for me.
  • My microbiology class is kind of turning me into a germaphobe.
  • I like denim.
  • I miss the beach.  When I get a car, I'm gonna practically live there. I wanna read there, sing and play guitar there, draw there, pray there, do homework there, and...just sit there and take in the atmosphere.  
  • Figs are uniquely delicious.  And they look rather ugly on the outside. But when you bite into one, they're so beautiful.  Go eat one.
  • One day, I'm gonna learn to surf. Yup.
  • Late at night, I like to watch Call of the Wild Man on Animal Planet. I laugh my head off the entire time.
  • I love laughing.  It's such a great feeling.
  • Where I work seems to have a wasp infestation.  A kid gets stung like every day.  I consider it a miracle I haven't been stung yet.  
  • I dislike serial daters. bleh.
  • The squeak of guitar strings...yes.
  • I get really goofy and loopy at night.  It's a pretty funny sight to see.
  • Sometimes you gotta fight life's attempts to bring you down, and seek the beauty in every day.
  • There's a little inspiration for ya.
  • You're welcome.
Here's a random picture I took recently to conclude my random post.   

I woke up one morning, and I was like "Strawberries are pretty!"  So I grabbed one out of the fridge, went outside, and took this pic.