Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This and That and Chit Chat

Holaaa.  It's September.  Mmm I'm so ready for fall.  And not just because I'm getting kind of tired of sweating bullets outside at work.  But because I love the cool, crisp weather, drinking tea outside in the breeze, pumpkin bread, sweatshirts and leggings, Thanksgiving, and boots.
                Lately, I've really been basking in the beauty of Creation.  Like it's so amazing and detailed.  I really enjoy it.  I spend a lot of time outdoors now.  I like reading in my backyard.  Although, I find it harder to focus because I tend to look around a lot.  And then I get all tense when I see a wasp (Gotta be ready to make a mad dash for the sliding glass door if necessary). 
                I like jammin outside too.  I just bought a ukulele.  It's pretty awesome.  The new Avett Brother's album is pretty awesome too.  Really awesome actually.  You know when you here a song that you love and you're like "OHHHH YEAHHHH." Yeah, that's what it's like.  I'm so excited about it because they've been one of my favorites for years now.  They're music has been a great inspiration to my own. 
                So, on a deeper note,  chew on this.  Has there ever been something in your life that has held you down?  That has enslaved you, even when you were free to run at any given time?  Surrender.  Surrender your heart to God.  Give it Him.  He will set you free.  He will give you peace.  Jump up from the clasp of your oppressors and thrive where God wants you.  Run free.  Dance. Sing. Shout.  You're free.  Life can be hard.  But when you are following God, life CAN NOT defeat you.  So let go and enjoy freedom. :)


  1. Oh Julia! this is my favorite post yet. You're so right about life not being able to defeat you even if you feel defeated sometimes. And you were right about the Avvett brothers being awesome and I also can't wait for glorious Fall. <3

  2. Wow Julia... your blog is so inspiring! I love reading everything you wright on here, it fills my heart to bursting with hope, joy, love for you my friend, and the same feelings of love for the Lord it's so obvious you feel. It just flows over in your writing and fills everyone who reads this. This was such an amazing post btw... I know personally, I feel oppressed unnecessarily all the time!!!! What's crazy is that it's so hard for us to just let go and trust God, and give our life to him!
    Oh and I hear ya about fall... so ready for it!!! The closer it gets to October, the more home sick for Tennessee I get! We will have to take a trip up there together to see the leaves change color and to read our Bibles (and play your guitar =D) in the mountains!

    1. Aww girl, thank you so much! :) This means a lot :) Oh that'd be sooo much funnnn. We totally gotta do that! <3