Monday, August 27, 2012

Viva La Random

The night is young, yet the day is old.  I'm sitting here, drinking tea, listening to Bon Iver, trying to compose a blog post of some specific meaning.  But today I'm feeling random.  So let's be random. ;)

  • I can't think about what to write because the music I'm listening to is distracting me.
  • I just turned it off.
  • I'm not good at multitasking. 
  • I like coffee. A lot.  This is new for me.
  • My microbiology class is kind of turning me into a germaphobe.
  • I like denim.
  • I miss the beach.  When I get a car, I'm gonna practically live there. I wanna read there, sing and play guitar there, draw there, pray there, do homework there, and...just sit there and take in the atmosphere.  
  • Figs are uniquely delicious.  And they look rather ugly on the outside. But when you bite into one, they're so beautiful.  Go eat one.
  • One day, I'm gonna learn to surf. Yup.
  • Late at night, I like to watch Call of the Wild Man on Animal Planet. I laugh my head off the entire time.
  • I love laughing.  It's such a great feeling.
  • Where I work seems to have a wasp infestation.  A kid gets stung like every day.  I consider it a miracle I haven't been stung yet.  
  • I dislike serial daters. bleh.
  • The squeak of guitar strings...yes.
  • I get really goofy and loopy at night.  It's a pretty funny sight to see.
  • Sometimes you gotta fight life's attempts to bring you down, and seek the beauty in every day.
  • There's a little inspiration for ya.
  • You're welcome.
Here's a random picture I took recently to conclude my random post.   

I woke up one morning, and I was like "Strawberries are pretty!"  So I grabbed one out of the fridge, went outside, and took this pic. 

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