Sunday, August 5, 2012

Alright! First blog post. Hmm...Blogging.  I suppose it suits me- singer/songwriter, musician, artist, cook, aspiring photographer, romantic, tea-drinker---blogger.  Yeah, that sounds about right.  So I guess this is where I will ramble on whatever flows from my finger tips that day.  Maybe people will read it.  Maybe people won't.  But I find the possibility of maybe inspiring someone with a deep epiphany I may have had, or recommendation of the latest movie I've seen,  or my admiration of  God's creation, quite intriguing and kind of exciting.

                You know when your rummaging through your closet, and something from the top shelf falls and hits you on the head?  You don't know what hit you.  You have less than a second to react.  Thoughts wiz through your head. "What the heck was that?" "Ouch that hurt."  "There's the high heels I've been looking for." Etc.  But anyways, that's kind of how life is.  At least I think so.  Ya know, it just kind of hits you.  And you only have your short life to react to it.  Life's a vapor.  So I suppose the best thing you can do,  is make each moment, no matter how insignificant, count.  So dear friends, and strangers,  I choose to live Passionately Curious of the world around me.  There's so many places I want to travel to, so many random things I want to learn how to do, so much love I want to share. 

 P.s.  Just watched The Vow.  Go watch it. <3

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