Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picture This

Pictures. When words aren't enough.
I want to ride a train.

And then I realized, this person misspelled realized.

I wanna find one. Or leave one.

Imagine waking up to THIS.

I want to reach out.  Reach up.  Reach over.  I want to travel.  Near.  Far. Anywhere.  I want to be me.  Uniquely me.  Who I was created to be.  I want to listen. To the squeak of guitar strings.  Crashing of waves.  The music that suits the moment.

Sometimes,  I look out the window in a car, listen to a song, and engulf myself into its melody, pretending that it's the background music to my life.  Makes things exciting.  Eventful.  Charming.  

Maybe I'm sort of still a kid, since my imagination is still constantly at work.  Maybe I like that.  Maybe I'm afraid, of what the future holds, of making a wrong decision.  Maybe I shouldn't worry so much.  

One thing remains true:  Keep praying, keep trusting, keep loving.  Ah yes. That's what I'll do.  


  1. Julia, this is my favoritest one yet. You're so much like me! I feel like a kid at heart too and do all sort of crazy things. By the way, i want to ride a train and send a message in a bottle someday too. We should do the bottled message sometime! if we ever get the chance. I love your words and pictures. Beautiful!

    1. thank you so much, Sophie! :D oh that'd be SOOO awesome. let's do it. :)

  2. Oh, and i love the guy drinking coffee. (or tea) whichever it is. He's kinda cute. Plus he's drinking coffee or tea, which is doubly awesome.